Boeing update

Moved production of their flagship airliner from an experienced and skilled
Washington workforce to South Carolina to get a cheaper, nonunion
Now suddenly they can?t make it. What a coincidence.
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As usual you're a lying cock smoker.
"In a Feb. 15 union vote, Boeing workers in North Charleston,
almost three-to-one margin. The tally was 731 for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), and 2,097 against, and turnout was very high, with 2,828 ballots cast out of 3,000 eligible.
said AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka in a written statement
Carolina to try and take advantage of workers without a union, to drive down wages and treat thousands of its employees like
IAM represents over 35,000 Boeing employees at 24 U.S. locations, including the Puget Sound region of Washington and
hour on average, about a third lower than the $31 per hour wage that comparable union-represented Boeing workers earn in Washington."

My my, look at that. Portland and Washington. Two shitbag cities run by Democrats who refused to control or prosecute rioters attacking federal buildings. Two shitbag cities where the cost of living is WOOPSEY!
Cost of Living in Portland, OR is 17.7% Higher than the National Average
Cost of Living in Everett, WA is 18.1% Higher than the National Average
Damn, look at that. Who needs a stinking union stealing money from your paycheck too? Make a business decision, move that company!
Cost of Living in North Charleston, SC is 1.8% Higher than the National Average
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Yeah let's lie

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