Extraordinary Art from Metal [w/ pics]

Enjoy this one ~! :::
Todesfee has collected in this set a whimsical sculptures made from
not so funny material: scrap military metal, left from the Yom Kippur
War (Mount Bental was the site of large-scale tank battles in 1973)
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The art objects in the lower articles remind me of
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The current Democratic party has lost its ideological basis for existence. - It is NOT fiscally responsible. - It is NOT ethically honorable. - It has started wars based on lies. - It does not support the well-being of americans - only billionaires. - It has suppresed constitutional guaranteed liberties. - It has foisted a liar as president upon America. - It has violated US national sovereignty in trade treaties. - It has refused to enforce the national borders.
...It no longer has valid reasons to exist. Lorad474
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