Fadal and Omniturn listed through Craigslist

Browsing Sacramento Craigslist, looked at a listing for a
1994 Fadal and clicked the link for more info. Seller is
closing a woodworking shop and has some interesting stuff
for sale, including the Fadal and an Omniturn on a Hardinge
chucker frame for $4500. Have no connection w/seller, and
don't know what all might still be available, but $4500 is a
lot less than the bargain Omniturn Gunner found for me,
assuming it's really in good condition, and these things
don't show up cheap in northern CA very often. Seller is in
Winters, about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco.
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Hope someone finds this useful.
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Jon Anderson
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I'm going to look at the Logan second op lathe he's got.
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