I'm Back

Just a message to say that I have returned to RCM for a while. I had been involved in a national engineering organization that required a lot of travelling. I had to suspend a lot of things in order to just stay current on things like paying bills etc.....

How is everyone, is Fitch still here, Jon Anderson still here. I am working with a vendor now that Jon should know. High Sierra electronics. We are installing a gauging system that will provide level data of a creek that is in SW oklahoma. 17 sites that use radio transmitters to deliver the data to the internet. After all these years, I now got to learn how to work on Radio. However, it helps me to figure out my new project, a radio controlled machine for mowing and spraying and other things on the farm that I don't want to sit on the machine for..

Cecil Oklahoma

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As Rodney Dangerfield said, "I'm glad to see your back. Especially after seeing your front."

It's a joke, son. Ahh say, a joke. - Foghorn Leghorn

Welcome back.


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