LEGO Milling Machine

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Cool (!) machine, but "LEGO"? When I see "LEGO", I think of something made from those little plastic blocks. Now, I guess, "LEGO" means "made by the LEGO company". Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
Not so much by LEGO the company as by a hardcore LEGO enthusiast:
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Well, a hardcore LEGO enthusiast with some professional interest as a (former?) LEGO reseller in Brazil as far as I can tell from the About page. In other words, an enthusiast with no shortage of LEGO parts and considerable skill who did an amazing job!
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Well, in that case, my opinion is totally changed. I had assumed that the milling machine was made from dedicated parts, as designed by LEGO engineers. Cool, but not "Wow".
However, given that is was built by an individual with _off the shelf_ parts, I am impressed.
Thanks for the clarification.
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Bob Engelhardt
It is built with standard of-the-shelf parts from Lego Technic. There is a lot of sensors and motors and positioning devices available from Lego.
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Uffe Bærentsen

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