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Im considering moving again. Im serious this time. Ive had it with leftist regulations holding me back. Grrrrr.... I need to live somewhere I can advance based on my skills. Once I get there Im sure... pretty sure... I can earn a grubstake by charging for lessons in shooting and self sufficiency. After a few weeks the plan is to become a warlord/pirate. Questions for the group.... dog food prices? Route advice? If any of you live on the road to Somalia, would you be willing to put a patriot up for a night or two? Perhaps donate a sandwich and some baatrool for hotel econoline? I can supply 3-5 siphon hoses if needed. Free engineering and life coaching for all hosts!

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Gunner Asch
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The first thing to do is to figure out where you want to move to. Search on the internet and find where the unemployment is low. What the cost of living is and what industry is there. Look at the jobs listings on Craig's List. And think about how far it is to where you would like to be.

North Dakota might be a good place, but Arizona is a lot closer.

You might be able to find someone who wants some of your machines and who would pay you expenses plus to deliver it. Or you might find some industry that is moving out of California and going to some place you would like to be.

Get some letters of recommendations too from companies you have done work for.

Moving out of California is doable, but you need to put some effort into doing it.


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