OT: NRA funds $100m lawsuit against Newtown

Only in America comes to mind.

A child who survived the Newtown shooting has commenced proceedings against the state for failing to protect her, the NRA is reported to be funding the litigation to ensure that their "guns in schools" program will get support for fear of future litigation by state governments.

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The Cassocked Crusader
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For starters, who's going to pay for it? The people who are favor of the idea and who happen to be the ones who have been reducing school funding and are against ANY new taxes? Do you really think that underfunded schools need to take on MORE liability? It's a stupid idea designed to appeal to the same mindless people who believe in trickle down economics and compassionate conservatism and intelligent design. It's a desperate attempt to divert attention from the bankrupt ideology of gun nuts and to maintain profits for arms makers whose profits would tank if the civilian market for assault rifles dried up.

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