Painting concrete shop walls - color & paint type?

I bought a gallon each of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer and Aqua Pearl satin finish top coat, both premium grades, apparently. It will take a few weeks to get the whole shop done as all the stuff on/near the walls will have to be moved. It's a good thing that the electrical outlets and lights are on different circuits. There are quite a few outlets (with conduit) along the wall that will have to be moved to paint.

On close inspection the wall is a little rougher in some spots than I'd thought, so it seems like a good idea to start with one small section and see how well my surface prep works.

Thanks (all) for the advice.

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Mike Henry
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On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 21:52:26 GMT, calmly ranted:

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that there are two versions of Ott bulbs in case anyone is interested. Ouch, 13w bulb for only $27! 4' full spectrums are only $5 or so in stores. I wonder how they'd differ in use.

Ebay has the true-color Otts for $47.90 + $13.90 s/h (right.)

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Larry Jaques

Ott-Lite lamps are only "Daylight" 5000K lamps with a high Color Rendering Index. Several major manufacturers have lamps with very similar output spectra, for a lot less money - do a little research. You will have to special order them unless you live in a big city, because most distributors only stock the big movers.

And the "Special" Ott fixtures are overpriced for what they are, too. They're selling the brand name at a big premium.

We have a few - bought at garage sales for reasonable prices. ;-)


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Bruce L. Bergman

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