selling off some macine stuff

please do not take this as a waste of bw. it is just that my dad pasted away
and my mom has asked me to sell off some of his stuff....
1- oak hand made 6 drawer machinest tool box- good condition (have jpg)
1- manual of of processes for cold forming and bending metals (1956)-excelent
1-the machine tool primer----1958 (excelent cont)
1-shop theory (henry ford trade school) 1944 (excelent condition)
1-moder shop practice-volume 4(molding, casting forging) excellent condition
1- machinery handbook 6th edition condition very good----------1924
thanks in advance,,,,,,,,
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Well, it is a waste without two pertinent bits of information, without which we are unlikely to even spend the time to email you:
Where you and/or the items for sale are located,
How much you are asking.
Don't expect us to immediately start to dicker for price, we don't want to have to work that hard to see if we are even interested. Do a little research (ebay completed auctions comes to mind), post what you would like to get for them, and where they are, or what zip they'll be shipped from, and then maybe you might get some interest.
Hope that helps, --Glenn Lyford
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Glenn Lyford
items are locted in kenosha wi, and 100$ takes it all
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