Solvent cleaning NO!NO!

I recommend you not clean your machine stuff with parts cleaning solvent (degreaser).

Last week I went to pick up a 8" Spacer that I had won on eBay. The seller had a whole area of his large production shop set aside and staged with extra and machine shop equipment and accessories. Every item was clean and bright.

In addition to the Phase II Spacer, I purchased a 4" Dividing Head w/4 plates and a 10" four jaw D1-4 chuck.

After a long drive home, I unloaded them in my unheated work shop. I live in the Pac. NW and cold metal gets damp and flash rusts if it isn't lightly oiled.

You guessed it. These new treasures were so clean that they flash rust over night. I was sick since the bright finish of yesterday was now a cool copper color on all surfaces.

I tired wiping it with a lightly oiled rag but all I got was rust stains on the rag the smeared onto any surface that hadn't flashed yet.

I've got it under control but I'm not sure what procedure I should follow to get it back to bright and unstained again.

The best I can figure, is they ran these items through a solvent degreaser since the internal parts don't seem to have any lubricant remaining.

Just my opinion and experience, FWIW.


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Soak/spray them w/ any nondetergent oil for protection, esp. the innards. PB Blaster and Kroil will remove the "flash rust", to a large degree, and protect the metal--seems to soak in. WD40, in light of my recent exp. w/ Blaster/Kroil, is a few cuts above water.

You can find aerosol PB Blaster at some autoparts strores, but the gallon cans of Blaster or Kroil must be bought direct. Costco atomizers work well for spritzing metal around the shop.

I spray Blaster on lathe ways, after they're wiped by the carriage or tailstock. Someone made a blend of oil using Marvel Mystery Oil for this, as well. I'm thinking of mixing something w/ Blaster for a little more viscosity. Yeah, greasy, crappy shops are rust-free shops!

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NO NO NO!!!! WD 40 is USELESS.except to chase moisture off the surface. A mixture of wd40 and ATF works pretty good - or wd40 and chainsaw bar oil. Laquer thinners and chain bar oil may work just as well. (but may be harder on paint)

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