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Y'know, that's possibly one of the dumbest, most OT posts I've ever seen on this ng, except for font geeks like me. Thanks!
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But... But But... They don't sell matrices anymore! How am I supposed to make rubber stamps with the latest and greatest fonts on them if I can't get the matrices??? ;-P
Geek Note: My brother in law owned a rubber stamp shop for a while, and that's one of the few industries that still uses real antique Linotype and Intertype hot-setters on a regular basis...
You will wreck any valuable hand-set specimen cold type when you heat it to make the Bakelite rubber stamp molds - but who cares if a Linotype slug shrinks in the process, since it gets tossed into the ingot furnace pot when you are done with it.
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Bruce L. Bergman

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