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A friend has just asked me to try & locate a program he saw about 6 weeks ago.
It had pictures of the old Beyer Peacock Works & film of the loco's working in
India & Siam.
Of course he cannot remember the exact date or which TV or cable channel it was
Did anyone happen see it or recognise the program so I can try & get a copy for
Otherwise, does anyone know of a list of programs we might try ?
Sorry for the OT post but this gang does have very eclectic interests.
Dave Croft
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Dave Croft
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I caught part of it. It was in a programme that had Beyer Garratts in it and part of the programme showed them being built. I'm pretty sure that it was on on one of the Discovery channels or possibly Motors.
Dave Croft wrote:
India & Siam.
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Dick Ganderton

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