getting small parts made?

I need to get a thrust washer made for my BSA B44. It is hardened
steel, ground both sides. Dimensions are OD 1", ID 0.630", thickness
Does anyone know of anyone who could help with this? I have access to a
lathe but not a surface grinder.
I'm in West Yorks
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in bungay suffolk. They have a large stock of parts for old bikes.or phone them on 01986 894798 ask for Alan and mention my name Regards Maurice (McD)
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Antony,can you turn the parts up to size on your lathe from silver steel and harden them? If so then there are a few of us on here with surface grinders who could probably help out, and the part is small enough to go in the post both ways.
If you can do this then allow around 0.005-0.007" plus on the thickness to allow for grinding (as long as you can harden it *relatively* free from distortion).
If there is nobody nearer to you who can help than me (I'm in Suffolk) then drop me an e-mail. The spindle bearings on my grinder are a wee bit wobbly so the visual surface appearance isn't as good as it could be but I can probably grind it flat to half a thou'.
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Peter Neill
Bungay! Wow! I have a T shirt from Bungay Harley Davidson! I understand that the firm is no longer in business. Neat town to visit, with the old butter cross, and Bungay Castle!
Steve R.
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Steve R.

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