Glueing PTFE

I need to connect some tiny PTFE "fingers" (about 1.5mm x 2mm x 3mm) to some aluminium.

There's not much space for screws / nuts etc and I don't fancy my chances of boring into the PTFE fingers to slip over an aluminium protrusion, or to make a clasp.

Are there tried and tested methods for glueing / joining PTFE to metals?

Many thanks


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Odie Ferrous
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I would have thought you ain't got a chance in hell of gluing it ..its supposed to be totally non stick ..

think bolts

unless there is some sort of ptfe glue

all the best.mark

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Have a look on the Loctite website, they have some speciality adhesives there.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

That was interesting!

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it can be done after all!

50 years ago a work colleague reckoned it could only be done with hot toluene though not recommended as it could turn into the tri-nitro variety. He had contacts in ICI and wasn't normally a joker so didn't know whether to believe him or not.


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In article , Dragon writes

Not immediately obvious without delving around rather too much.

Sounds intriguing - do you recall any more? Putting the third nitro group into the ring is very hard, and IIRC requires concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids and high temperatures. Or he could have been pulling your chain.


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David Littlewood

Sorry can't add to that anecdote as it's too long ago for my memory! Just one of those useless bits of information that stuck (Pun intended and I see other opportunities with that comment!) Suspect that even if I could there was no more to the tale at the time. In view of your learned comments suspect my chain was pulled.


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We use an adhesive backed PTFE tape at work called Tygaflor. We have 2 sorts, one is a thin (~.1 or .2mm) black impregnated cloth, and the other looks to be bog standard white PTFE about 1mm thick. Both have an adhesive tape backing on then and are used as friction reducers, they stick like the proverbial blanket adhesive. We get them in rolls from a few inches wide up to over a metre wide. We use them in areas between conveyor belts or air floatation beds sticking to either metal or plastic, as well as side guides for product travelling on the conveyors. They are incredibly durable, last months or even years on our 24 hour production lines. If you can't get them to send you a free sample, they may still be able to advise on what adhesive to use.

Stu G ;)

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On or around Sat, 30 Jun 2007 11:13:13 +0100, Odie Ferrous enlightened us thusly:

I thought PTFE was non-stick?

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Austin Shackles

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