HELP picture of power press needed.

Please help !

I have been told that a press requires a die set to hold it's tooling,

The die set has four large pillars.

I need a picture showing a fly wheel powered press ( Sweeny & Blocksage ?? ) able to punch a large hole without a die set round it's tool.

I need it for a meeting in the morning.... :-(

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Jonathan Barnes
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Google on

power press power presses die set

search images.

power press come up with a lot of presses. Die set comes up with the tooling.

Most of my tooling has two guide posts, not four, it will depend on the size of the work being pressed.

I don't use die sets on the fly presses, use punch in ram and a die in the bolster on the bottom, Hunton tooling is used on fly presses.


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Jonathon sorry, bit late to help with the picture for this morning, but if I've understood you correctly you seem to be talking about a mechanical power press that is usually operated by a heavy flywheel?

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I think Sweeney & Blocksedge just made hand operated flypresses.

Power press tooling will usually have 4 guide pillars running in either plain or ball-bearing bushes in order to ensure alignment & die/punch clearance. In fact all sheet metal punching and forming dies need alignment & guidance, though some small die-sets such as those typically made by Danly

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only run on 2 guide pillars. As Lionel has already mentioned, simple forming on a flypress can be done using the Hunton universal bolster system, into which different dies and punchs can be fitted into a single base. These aren't usually guided on the tool as far as I know.

We run a number of small cropping and forming punch tooling in small Danly die sets in benchtop Hare-press type pneumatic toggle machines. I can take some pictures of these if you like and mail them over tomorrow, if you still need them.

To make a large hole without a punch and die you need flame or laser or water jet cutting, or a drill, file, and a lot of patience:)



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Peter Neill

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