OMRON AC Servo Motor

I have aquired an Omron 230v 400w AC Servo Motor. It looks brand new
but how can I test it to see if it is a runner? I do not have a drive. I
do have an Allen Bradley single phase in three phase out 750watt
inverter. Can I lash that up to test that the motor spins?
The motor is an SGMAH-04A1A61D-OY
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Richard Edwards
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I've tried this but I don't see why not. I would expect the servo motor current to be considerably higher during start up than the equivalent standard induction motor so set the speed ramp up time to several seconds and maybe max output frequency to 25hz to start with and see what happens. Most inverters are incredibly well protected and you have to work hard to kill 'em. Let us know how it goes for future reference.
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Bob Minchin

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