install test failure jlink wildfire 2

Hi all,

I did this (acc to the knowledge base):


Set the PATH environment variable to include: the \bin directory the \\lib directory.

Set the CLASSPATH environment variable to include: the current working directory (as defined by the standard "." abbreviation) the \text\java\pfc.jar file the \text\java\cipjava.jar file wzzl : this file doesn't exist

the complete path to any directories that contain required .class files (NOTE: This path is not required for .class files that exist in the current working directory.) wzzl: not applicable for me (i guess) the complete path to any required .jar files (NOTE: Paths to .jar files are always required regardless if they are in the current working directory, except for .jar files used with model programs. The paths to these .jar files are set via the Model Programs dialog box opened via #Program #J-Link within Pro/ENGINEER.)

the complete path to the swingall.jar file (this last path is optional and only necessary if using Swing components) wzzl: 1.4 has swing incorporated

NOTE: The CLASSPATH environment variable cannot include any spaces. For example: d:\Program Files\JDK1.1.8\lib\ is not allowed. Reinstall the Java SDK to a more appropriate location if necessary.

Set the PRO_JAVA_COMMAND environment variable to: \bin\java com.ptc.pfc.Implementation.Starter

OK so I did this and the InstallTest program fails

Any suggestions ?


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