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I would like to recommend:and invite to CATIA v5 FORUM

formatting link
(Bilingual English and German)

PS. Sorry for off-topic!

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BTW, why isn't your website in Polish as well. Since you sign your announcement in Polish.

David Janes

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David Janes

Maybe not very good for all, but you must agree that some people use few CAD systems, so some will need this link....

The next people who stop by here, looking

That's why I put the link here :)

But while we're at this: what

I don't know why. There was one ( - but it has been "removed" from UG list....

People are moving from NG to forums / message boards like from IRC to www-chat

I don't know ? It's not mine? I just promote it.....

Some people just want to have something (own website) for fun / satisfaction (maybe in future also for some other benefits - ads, banners, internet shop etc.)

It is not my forum. The polish text in my post is my signature - automaticlly added to every post....

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