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Lets see....once they figure out that these rfid chips can be removed from
the passports, its only a hop,skip and a jump to embed the rfid chips into
the human body where only a surgeon can remove them under penalty of law of
course.. Of course thats why people will goto mexico to have the surgery
done .
Does anybody remember minority report, where everyplace you went to, know
who you were and what your preferences were as you entered stores and mals
and such? customized advertising and marketing coming to a brain implant
rfid chip soon to you. When we all have these babies embedded in us, our
web pages will auto maticaly configure themselves to whats on your rfid
chip. You knew of course connection to the interenet was next? as is GPS
enabled rfid chips so that FEDGOV will always know who you are and where you
are at any given second.
I still say FEDGOV ought to just embed these babies into illegal aliens
with high powered pellet rifles as they cross the border so we can track
them all down.
shockie B(
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Been using that vintage Pentium chip again?
Nope. 667 is across the street from the beast. The neighbor is 668.
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Bob Kaplow
The office phone number of the beast. (Actually mine, so don't call unless you want to be pulled into the depths of Hell.)
Mark E. Hamilton NAR #48641-SR ARSA #418
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Mark Hamilton
I heard lucent technologies moved their office to 666 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan... is that true?
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Tai Fu
I just had to order some computer equipment for our office inthe basement of the O'Hare passenger terminal. The zip code for ORD is 60666! Really!
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Bob Kaplow

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