Home of Known Rocket Builder Blows up: Anybody we know?

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"shockwaveriderz" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@uni-berlin.de:
I wonder whether he was making his own fuel/motors? According to the article,that was the SECOND explosion,another one occurred last week. I guess he doesn't learn from his mistakes.
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Jim Yanik
Funny excerpt:
The house is located on the 5700 block of Windridge Point in the Black Forest area, about 13 miles north of Colorado Springs.
Deputies said they have been at the house for small explosions in the past because the owner of the home builds rockets and narrowly survived the most recent explosion last week.
The blast leveled the home and created a wide debris field. Heavy smoke poured out of the large hole that remains at the site, even hours after firefighters extinguished the flames, 7NEWS reported.
Darwinism at work.
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Jerry Irvine
I've long believed that God set the physical laws of science up in such a way, as to automatically cleanse the gene pool.
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"Deputies said they have been at the house for small explosions -in the past-"
They've known he was making 'something'.
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Yes, but as far as clensing the human gene pool, lawyers and legislators are screwing around with His handywork.
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Man, I *really* hope no one was home at the time... It's not even recognizable as having BEEN a house...
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Hard to believe this would result from "Low Explosives." I suspect that this wasn't anyone we would consider to be involved in our hobby.
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Gordon McGrew
Last report I saw was that they found a body. Too bad. You'd think after the first two incidents in the previous weeks that he'd have learned something. Clearly an incorrect assumption.
Mark E. Hamilton NAR #48641-Sr RSA #418
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Mark Hamilton
For the record, APCP is about a bazillion times safer than BP anyt day.
Even jokingly, I think we should refrain from any correlation. Prying eyes are having their jollies now as it is. They were waiting for a charred body and the jerkoff media ro taint a story with their "scare-soccer-moms-now" reportage.
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Gene Costanza

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