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Good Morning,
For those of you who baught The Next Shluttle from Jack Hagerty or
myself, many thanks. I'm in a tight spot and if you have an interest
in the book I want to ask you to purchase a copy this week via the
I was working in Peoria and lost my job on June 30th. The good news is
that I have two nuclear power plants very interested in my skills with
some 21 years in the industry. One is in Florida near Miami and the
other in Pheonix. Anyone doing rocketry in Miami I'd like to talk to
you as well.
But unemployment is so small I can't survive going to Pheonix lest I
live in my car for 3 weeks. So I'm asking for everyone who has a
interest in my book to buy one to help us make it thru the end of July
and early August.
There is no cost for shipping, the 438 page book is $25, Flight
Dynamamics 4 is $35. Your not only helping a fellow rocketeer, your
helping a submarine veteran. If 50 folks make orders a very dark
month one my family can survie
Thank you for a moment of your time.
Dave Ketchledge
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Now that brings back memories! We used to fly with Mac when he was working out his lifting bodies. He really got them dialed in after a while but many of his early flights were "exciting" and sent people running. It was always a fun day when Mac showed up.
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David Bacque
Mac flew with us at Johnson Space Center in Houston, I guess it was mid 90's? He started with something like a Quest lifting body and then started playing with the design. As I mentioned, some of his early designs made for exciting launches, my son and I had to dodge more than one before he got the thrust line issues settled out.
His ultimate goal was use of an on board computer controlling the flight profile. About the time he was getting ready to add R/C control he wound up leaving the area so we never got to see his R/C version.
Inspiring is a good word to describe Mac's dedication to lifting body design. This was real research being carried out with poster board and model engines.
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David Bacque

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