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Probably your only chance Bob :)

I wonder why?

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Email me and I will make some discussions/offers.


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21. TRA Membership Handbook. 1996. Hard cover with art-work (quite nice,

> too), color-printed, large three-ring binder. Includes: Membership > directory, Tripoli Motor Testing (rules and motor curves!); several > Tripoli reports from mid-90s; HPR Safety Code book; Advanced Cert. Study > Guide. Very, very nice binder, usable for other rocketry needs. Not sure > if they still give them out. - 20

Ooooh! I should buy this since I never got mine when I should have...

Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!

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Hello Michael,

You asked if your prices were high ... the answer is YES. Now I say this not because I want any of your materials, and am trying to deflate your expectations, but I do it based on comparative shopping.

On ebay some of the same items you are selling, closed with winning bids at half the price your are asking. Also, paper (ephemera) collectibles are very hard to sell no matter what the subject matter. It has to be something very very rare, or in C10 near perfect/perfect mint condition to hold and increase value.

I would recommend that you list your items on and give them a reserve. This way you get what you want, and the seller gets what he/she wants.

BTW, I have some old US Rocket and Aerotech catalogs and documents with Jerry Irvine's signature on them ... do you think they will ever be worth anything? Funny thing is, I came into their possesion from a seller on ebay who included them along with a kit I purchased at no charge. He thought I might like them and sent a seperate box with 40 - 50 FSI, Aerotech, USR, Tiffany Hobby, and other old pamplets. They are fun reading, but I just don't think they are all that valuable.

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