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As long as you don't drop it on the tip of the needle jet or overtighten the tip, the term "bulletproof" applies. I've been using one for about 27 years now with only an occasional new tip to refresh it.
Right now I have ... airbrushes:
Paasche H -- Old Faithful Badger 350 -- similar but lightweight Central Pneumatics Single-Action -- a cheapie from Harbor Freight Tools that works like the 350 Aztek 470 -- POS, may be useful for spraying thinned housepaint Badger Anthem -- very good brush, quite nice for fine work Central Pneumatics Double-Action -- surprisingly nearly as good as the Anthem, and considering it was $22 including the air hose not a bad deal.
Cookie Sewell
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After my old Paasche "H" I bought back in the 70s started to look ratty, I was seduced by other models that semed to be "in" at the time. This included a Sotar 20-20 that was so finicky I couldn't get any work done with it. I bought another new "H" and I'm in love again. Keep it clean, try a couple needle sizes, and unless you're drawing individual hairs, you'll be fine. I agree with Cookie, dependable and bulletproof.
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gerry gardiner
: : Any opinions on the Paasche H airbrush? : A good, basic, airbrush. As pe1) If you get one, clean if over a folded bath towl. That way, when you drop the needle or the air cap, you will drop them on the towel, and they will not get bent.
2) My main dislike of the 'H' is that you need three hands to operate it, as it will occasionally need a twist of the air cap to clear it of drying paint. YMMV.
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Bruce Burden
At the IPMS Seattle website,
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there's a link to modelling help. If you click on that, it takes you here:
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and you can see about setting up an airbrush, compressor, etc. Ted Holowchuk wrote one and Bill Johnson the other.
I always find new gems of information in there every time I read either one. Not new articles... Ted passed away in 2002... but as I said, great information.
One thing to add though... one of the best airbrush resources is dixie art supply. Brilliant information and best prices without shoplifting.
Website is
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and click on "airbrushes, etc".
---- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni

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