Canadian FAA Corsairs - August 1945

I am trying to find identify the fuselage "coding" on Lt. Gerald A.
Anderson's Corsair IV. All I know for sure is that his aircraft's
registration number was "KD546" from HMS Formidable's 1845 Squadron.
Lt. Anderson, who came from Trenton Ontario, was killed on August 9, 1945
when he crashed into the rounddown of the Formidable after running out of
fuel at the last moment. This made Lt. Anderson the last Canadian killed in
the war. He was returning from the mission on which Lt. Robert Hampton
"Hammy" Gray VC, DSC, RCNVR was killed in a Corsair IV coded "115/X" -
registration number "KD658".
I would like to build a model of this aircraft, if someone can provide me
with Lt. Anderson's fuselage codes.
Bill Burns
London, ON
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William Burns
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Hi Bill, I don't know the answer, but would like to suggest that you also post this question on hyperscale's forumn. I have found the folks there to be very helpful:
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Pauli G
William Burns wrote to rec.models.scale:
I don't know, myself, but I suspect that the DND's Department of History and Heritage can help you out. According to their website [1], they do answer written questions from the public.
[1] Specifically, the pages found at:
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Rob Kelk

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