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My son is working on a vinyl figure and painting with oils.
He spilled a little bit of laquer thinner on the figure's nose and no
oil paint will stick.
What can he do to correct this?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Bob Sasak
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Two things off the top of my head.....
Put some super-glue on the affected area; and if possible sand the glue-edge smooth. This might act as a primer.
Try applying some acrylic primer to the area. It might not adhere so well, but it *might* provide enough "tooth" for the oils to stick.
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Greg Heilers
little bit of laquer thinner on the figure's nose and no oil paint will stick. What can he do to correct this?>>
First he'll have to remove the oil paint already on there which may be more than a little tricky. Try some oven cleaner on a piece of scrap to see how it reacts to the vinyl. If there are no adverse reactions, spray the painted area well and let it soak overnight, then scrub with an old toothbrush. If it reacts by melting or softening the vinyl scrap, then he can try to use lacquer thinner to remove the oil paint. Then he'll need to wash it THOROUGHLY with soap and water. Next, try to forget about using oils--he'll be old and gray before the paint even begins to dry, if it ever does. If, for whatever reason, he has no choice but to use oils, he absolutely MUST lay down an acrylic primer first, no ifs, ands, buts or maybes. Then he can paint with oils. Let them dry a few days to a week between coats. Also, if he needs to do a wash of any kind, spray a clear acrylic coat over the oil paint, let it dry overnight at a minimum, then do the wash. The clear acrylic overcoat will prevent the wash from dissolving the painted surface. Good luck.
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Disco -- FlyNavy
Thanks to all who responded. This gives us enough to work with.
Thanks, again.
Disco -- FlyNavy wrote:
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