Gato - any word on aftermarket stuff

Gato just arrived - I'll get to open it on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile I'm
wondering if we can expect any good aftermarket stuff. It took (or at least
seemed it took) forever to get the Czech Master interiors for the Revel
U-Boat. The announcement of this kit has to be a year old - plenty of time
for the guys in the garages to do some planning and design - yet I haven't
seen a word on this.
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Val Kraut
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but did revell publish the specs first. i kinda doubt it.
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WEM already has guns in process.
Val Kraut wrote:
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Ron Smith
I'd expect Eduard to do some PE for it, although the only thing I see it really needing is new PE sights for the 20mm and 40mm cannon to replace the thick clear plastic parts, as well as the SJ radar antenna. Probably will take a while as the kit has just come out. The aftermarket manufacturers usually want to wait and see the kit so they can see what it already has and what it needs, as well as getting dimensions of the kit parts for their parts to interface with. Unless a company sends out test shots to aftermarket companies beforehand, they havt to wait until the kit is released to get the info they need.
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Dave Williams

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