Help from WWI modellers: Eduard Camel

This will be my third biplane (or maybe 4th if I do the Hawker Fury first).
The Tamiya Swordfish and Merit Gladiator are the other two.. And both have
cunning cabane mechanisms. I've read Tom Cleaver's review of the Eduard, and
he says he "superglued the cabane struts in place, and then aligned the top
wing and superglued it." Can anyone help out with hints and tips for
assembling a biplane when ALL the struts are individual bits, even if
beautifully moulded? Assume I know nothing! I imagine a jig may be in order,
but I have no scale drawings that would let me create one. Anybody...
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Matt Bacon
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I use liquid white glue. There are some "modellers" brands (Elmer, Microscale Kristal Klear...) but any regular wood glue will do just as fine. . slow drying time : sticky enough to hold everything together after a few minutes (depends on brand ; try it first on scrap styrene ; drying time is different on wood), but with enough "flex" to make adjustments for some more. . easily wipped off with a damp cloth if something goes really wrong. Same player starts again. . when satisfied with the overall apperance, a tiny drop of CA (superglue) will seal everything in place. White glue does retract a lot when totally cured, self-disappearing in most cases. Any excess may also be very easily sanded off. It is softer than styrene.
Hope this might help... Francois
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