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Maybe old news to you, but the one that just opened in town here has
the Accurate F2G-1. The 40% off coupon gives it to you at $27.
This week it's 30% off on all kits.
It just opened yesterday and it already has a clearance section--they
must ship that way.
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One of our local Hobby Lobbys has a knack for accidently pricing some of their Accurate Miniatures kits at about $10.00 below the MSRP. Combine that with their frequent "40% Off" coupon...
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Greg Heilers
MySelf wrote in news:y4-dnTcSavQVNmHVnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@comcast.com:
You shoulda turned right at Albekerkie!
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Gray Ghost

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