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Store is actually in Avondale or Goodyear, out on the west side of town. Printed out and used my 40% off coupon- scored a Hasegawa 1/32 FW190A-8 for $30. Place really doesn't have a great selection of kits. One gripe- they don't have price scanners. My wife was trying to get some stuff to make snowmen with her 1st graders. It took 10 minutes and three people to figure out how much resin carrot noses in a bag cost. Seems like bar codes would be extremely cost effective, especially at inventory time.

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Jim Atkins
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WOuld you believe that in the Albuquerque stores anyway, they still do their inventory printouts on 11x17 continuous feed green bar paper? Its got to be maybe 10+ years since I've even seen any!

BTW, the newspaper and internet coupons are at 40% off and of course the internet one can be printed multiple times, but they also have 30% off all plastic & diecast kits in the regular internet flyer I got yesterday, the one with the internet coupon at the very bottom.

Grandpa John

Jim Atk> Store is actually in Avondale or Goodyear, out on the west side of town.

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John DeBoo

The ones in Colorado will only let you use the 40% off coupon on "regular priced" items. So when they have all models 30% off, the coupon doesn't work. When they do this, I use the 40% off coupon for paint, glue, etc. The only new stuff in the seems to be in the ship section. They put in several Hasegawa and Tamiya 1/350 ships. At $80 to $90 apiece, the 40% off coupon winds up being worth 30- 40 dollars. That's not bad in ships are your cup of tea (:>

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Count DeMoney

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