Lindberg P-6E And PT-17

How are the Lindberg 1/48th kits of the P-6E and PT-17?
From the few online reviews I have found, the plastic pices are
(obviously) pretty basic - but, ignoring the resin "extras"- the
plastic pieces in the Classic Airframes P-6E are pretty basic,
as well. From what I can tell, the trailing edges of the
Lindberg P-6E are quite thick, but could be thinned with some
work. How is the shape of the P-6E and PT-17 kits? Are they
accurate, or near-accurate enough to be "do-able?"
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Greg Heilers
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Most are typical of the mid 1950s. PT-17 has come in many versions but one to avoid was the "spin the prop" one which had a big hole under the cowling area to clear the magnets. Only about 25 parts to it include "pilot" figures and slab seats.
P-6E is better as it has more parts but as noted pretty basic.
Cheaper way to go at $12.95 retail for a repop if you want to just play around with it.
I am debating on the F-94C which is the first model I ever built -- after flipping over a full bottle of Testors Liquid Cement and destroying my mother's acetate placemats model was finished with a complete roll of Scotch Tape...
Cookie Sewell
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