Metal Tracks

I'm looking for advice on Metal tracks for AFVs.
I'm interested in buying some, never used before, cant get locally, so
would have to send off for them.
They're a lot of money especially when I don't know what I'm getting.
The tracks in question are Friul 1/35 track links - ATL35 Hetzer late 210
parts including wire for joining
Do the individual links requires any work, or are they ready to be joined
together with the wire?
Anything else I might need to know would be appreciated too.
Cheers guys
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You will need to clean out the holes in the links with a drill bit in a pin vise before inserting the wire. The wire comes coiled, so you will need to cut it to length and roll it on a piece of glass or similar flat surface to straighten it out. Some users prefer to buy brass rod since it's already straight and is less likely to snag going in. You secure the wire with a small amount of superglue on the end so it doesn't fall out again. Some recent Friul track sets include a set of white metal track pin heads that plug the hole after you insert the wire, in which case you use a shorter length of wire. Older releases don't have them. Gerald Owens
Bigbilly wrote:
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Gerald Owens
I've used both the "old style" Friul tracks, where one had to pinch tabs to form the tracks and the new sets with wire. I've found that the wire that comes with the tracks is too small for the holes in the tracks, even before cleaning them up. So I went to my local Ace hardware and picked up a 250ft spool of 24 ga. wire. Works and more importantly looks better than the wire included. I most definately like the wire assembly better.
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