Mirage IV Color

I'm presently working on the 1/48 Heller Mirage IVA kit No 596, and the
instructions show the color scheme to be Heller #'s 7001 and 7030 which
when crossed at the Stockholm Site to Humbrol #'s this is Hu-27 and
Hu-123, but this wolud make the paint scheme to be seagray and dark
seagray over a underside of seagray. Is this possible? Seems like it
should be a gray and green mix on the upper surfaces. Is the cross
reference from Heller 7030 to Humbrol Hu-123 wrong? Any help will be
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I rarely put any stock in those company's instructions. The colors would be the French equivalents of British Dark Sea Grey and Dark Green, Humbrol HU164 and HU163. Go to
formatting link
or www.squadron .com or
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and search for those colors.
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