Off to London in a couple of hours

But.ahem, got 14 guard dogs not being fed left at home....
They emailed me last night asking me to take some unbuilt half started, now that narrows it down to about 10.
Gonna take a mix, 48th Airfix Bucc, 72nd Airfix Lynx, few cars and such
Also some of my collection of 80's retro computers, no Commodore 64's thank
god and some boxes i refuse to chuck out.
Got me a hire car and seem to have gone out of the way to be nice. Got a
unconfirmed airing date, Nov, will let you all know when i know for sure.
They did while filming last week at home get me talking about my models and
work on them, sanded the t bar on a 79 Camaro to make CHP on film.
Be back around Sun
Stay safe all, and if you cant stay safe be a better modeller
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I didn't know you could teach dogs such stuff ?
Anyway, are you one of the characters that is showing up on the promo's at the moment. Not the one with the yellowed crusty underpants I hope ? ;-)
Set your videos everyone, this is going to be good!
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Richard Brooks
Please can I have your autograph? Please,please pleasepleasepleeeeeezze? Have fun Jules and don't bring the hobby into disrepute, or we'll sic the Secret Society onta ya!
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Rob Grinberg

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