Phoenix- the FINAL NATS!

Yes the Phoenix bunch will be hosting THE FINAL NATS ever! See they are
way overbudget, completely underfunded, and undersponsored. They will
cause the IPMS to become so far into the red, that it will have to
close its doors!
now I am sitting here pondering whether it is worth my time to show up.
I know if I show up, many more will come, andmy appearance will single
handedly save the event, but is it worth my time?
I would bring the Crashed Airliner, the mcDonalds Dragster, and the
TURD (of course it would be inside a box, and you would need be over 21
and pay me $10 to view it, and the awards these models have
won.........but should I?
Let me know
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Snippity snip
Dammit Dennis go to the Nationals, at least it will keep you off this group for a minute or two!
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no one will notice in any case.
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don't forget a foad for him, al.
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Whether true or not....IPMS has *never* learned how to finance their own shows. They should take a lesson from the "figure world".
Each year, the Chicago Show holds an auction, where finished pieces (donated by some of the best artists in the world) are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The proceeds go to paying for future events. At each auction, the Chicago club takes in "a five digit figure", just from this one to two hour event alone. And that is just one of many ways they raise funds. Most of the other figure clubs do similar things.
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Greg Heilers
(rest of his bullshit snipped)
Please don't feed the troll.
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Bill Woodier
Damn! Another of his "identities" to killfile! Larry Engesath "DDSD" wrote in message
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Larry Engesath
And "William H. Shuey" opened up and revealed to the world news:
He's got an AWFUL high opinion of himself. I'll give him that much.
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We've been told here from folks who've met him that his opinion is almost as high as his aroma.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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