Where are the 2005 Nats?

I'm confused. Are the Nats in Atlanta or Smyrna? The map on the IPMS site
is too small and useless. I can't afford $120.00/night in Atlanta, but I
might be able to afford $50-60.00/night within an hour of Atlanta. I've
been on mapquest--now I'm on google maps. Google shows the Cobb Galleria
just outside of Smyrna. Is this correct? Is Smyrna in Atlanta?
Would someone who is better at map searches than I am please look up a
decent map that shows the Atlanta area and the Cobb Center clearly enough
that someone not familiar with the area can see where he's going?
Thanks in advance,
Jerry 47
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jerry 47
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Now the map I'm looking at says the Cobb Center is in Vinings, GA. What's up with this? Jerry 47
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jerry 47
The Cobb Galleria Convention Center, according to their own web site at
formatting link
is at
Two Galleria Parkway Atlanta, Georgia 30339
That implies it is officially in Atlanta, and the adjacent Waverly hotel also has a Atlanta address. However, like any big city, Atlanta has a lot of suburbs, including Smyrna and Vinings, and the Cobb Center may be on the edge of town near where Atlanta city limits officially end and various suburbs begin.
Just put in the street address for the Cobb Center above into Mapquest and zoom out on the resulting map to see exactly where it is. I did and the map shows that the Center is about two miles east of the dot that says Smyrna and one mile north of the dot that says Vinings.
Once you have the Cobb Center's street address, you can find out where it is in relation to any other US address by using mapquest. Put in the address of where you want to stay (exact street address, or just the town name if you want) and the street address of the Cobb Center and you can find out how far away it is. HTH.
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Dave Williams
Jerry: It's understandable about your confusion. As some else replied, the Nationals are in a suburb of Atlanta. The location is about 14 miles north of downtown Atlanta. In fact, you can see the Atlanta skyline from close to the Galleria. I work about a mile and a half from the Galleria, so I know the area well! If you are looking at the map, the actual location is easy to find. The site of the Nationals is at the junction of I-75 (main north/south road through Georgia) and I-285 (the ring around Atlanta. If you are unable to stay at one of the convention hotels, ther are plenty of reasonable hotels close by. Do your hotel search for Smyrna or Marietta or Kennesaw. Hope to see you in Atlanta next month! Mike
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Mike J. Idacavage
Interestingly, metro Atlanta has 4.5 million inhabitants, but only 450,000 inside the city limits of the City of Atlanta. Atlanta encompasses 24 counties in its SMSA, with over 100 incorporated cities. It is over 120 miles across; has the largest toll free dialing area in the world and, yes, the CGC is in Atlanta, Smyrna, and/or Vinings depending upon how parochial one is.
As Mike says, look for the I-75/I-285 interchange on the northwest side of town.
You shouldn't have to drive one hour to find $50-$60 motel rooms. Be sure to let the motel/hotel know you are staying over a weekend. Weekend rates are vusually cheaper than weekday rates.
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Art Murray
The summer Nats ......are as always held in Canberra
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