Re: NO NATS IN 2005!!!!

Someone forgot to take their Trazodone this morning.
Kim M
Operation American Freedom-Where is our regime change?
Yes, Al- I took mine. Kim M
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You notice he didn't say "IPMS Nationals." I think he was speaking about one of his own favorite organization's events, like the North American Man-Bovine Love Association or the Society Opposed to the Propigation of Deodorant or some other such worthy cause. Right, Dennis?
--Chris Bucholtz
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Chris Bucholtz
Don't forget your evening dose....... ;-p
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Al Superczynski
Az Hoser? The Troll that lied about having a PPL and called himself a Captain on certain newsgroups? nah cant be him, he said he was never going to post on the net ever again, but maybe he did it anonymously .....LOL
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TROLL Thank you for your time and support in this matter.
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Dave, you just did.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
gasoline and alcohol do mix. and taste like crap.
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No they didn't. They just didn't take enough. LIKE THE WHOLE BOTTLE with a few jiggers of Gin!!
Rusty White '03 Convention Chairman
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NOW you've done it! You brought up his favorite modeling subject!
Rick MFE
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What is your problem??? Are you not getting enough fibre in your diet??? When I read your words, I know that somewhere a village is missing it's idiot!!!
Tks Doug Moffatt IPMS/USA 34925
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Doug Moffatt

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