Displaying Awards With Model at IPMS NATS ??

Hi All,

I am going to be attending the IPMS Nats in Atlanta. I have a model that I am entering in the contest and I was wondering weather it is tasteful or tacky to display awards won at previous shows with the model at NATS ? Thanks for your opinions.


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I'd offer that if you were only displaying it, the awards would be okay. Since you're entering into competition, it might send mixed signals to all observers - including judges. As such, they may not be allowed and you'll have to check with the officials. I'd leave them home or get some pics of them for a 'build book'. Just my $.02...

Frank Kranick

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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.

Very tacky, very distasteful, probably not allowed, and nothing says "I am a model DORK!" more than what you are suggesting. And any right-minded judge would use such an opportunity to *immediately* remove your entry from any award consideration...as just compensation for your obnoxious vanity...lol.


Instead, display your model with items that *accentuate* the subject matter. First, make sure the model is *permanently* affixed to a base, that accentuates it. (If you possessed the "Mona Lisa", and wished to display it...you would not simply thumbtack it to the wall. You would put careful thought into a nice frame as well.) Can you add a few items of "paraphernalia" that tie in to the subject matter? For example, if it is a model of a famous pilot's aircraft; or a famous driver's car....set a framed portrait of the pilot/driver next to the model. Is it a model of the Space Shuttle? Then perhaps lay a few NASA mission patches next to the model, etc. To top it all off; have all of the items (as well as the model/base) laying atop a nice piece of velvet; etc. whose color accentuated your display. (Elevate the pieces with blocks placed underneath the cloth.) In other words...make it all look like you would *want* it to look, if placed in a *museum*.

Now, many would say that such outlandish displays should be "illegal"; as they "tend to influence the judges". I say *SCREW* such people. Any "judge" who would be influenced by such display techniques; has

*NO* business judging in the first place.


There is nothing wrong with "eye candy". The main goal of a model exhibition is "impressing the general public" with hopes of recruiting new members. (An idea, that is all-too-often forgotten...due to the far-too-present, selfish, "I am *only* here to win an award" mentality.)

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Greg Heilers

If my memory is correct, the National contest rules exclude consideration of the display base or display method in the "normal" categories.

That means the judges are required to ignore anything other than the model. Some obvious categories are clearly exempt from this and the "base" is part of the model.

My personal opinion is that while the rule is clear, I think it would be really hard to actually ignore a well presented model on a nice base and consider it the same as another model sitting on the table with no base at all.

As to the great unwashed public, I agree that a well thought out and presented model well done on a base is much more appealing.

And in closing, you need to remember that if you get too elaborate with the base you might dump yourself right out of the normal category and into either dioramas something.


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Norm Filer

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