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I'm pretty new with the airbrush, and I want to know a few things about post-shading. I've read that for panels, I need to spray a darker color over the panel lines, and for panel shading, a ligther one in the center of the panel.

My question is, if I can do this with my AB (a paashe H with a #3 tip) and what thinning ratio/pressure/distance I need in order to achieve this fine lines. I use mostly tamiya acrylics with Isopropyl alcohol as thinner.

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Yes you can use what you describe. The key is getting the paint just right consistancy. I tried isopropyl as a thinner and had some issues with the paint sticking. I know many people use it and have no problems but I much prefer windex. Call it a personal preferance if you will. Instead of airbrushing a darker color on the lines, alot of people brush the darker color on before the main airbrush coat. Then they give it little, soft burst on the button in the center. Make sure that the airbrush is adjusted down low for paint flow and up around 25 psi for air pressure. This works for me at least. And above all PRACTICE on something else before your model. I like to use 2 liter plastic bottlse as they are a good 3D surface to practice on. Prime the bottle first, then after it is dry paint with a brush a grid in the darker color on the bottle making the squares the size of the panels on your model. Then you can practice in a semi real world situation and get the airbrush adjusted just right.

good luck.. I am still practicing myself.


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