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> Smart man. Avoid anything intended for more than 150 people planned from
> the top down is my motto. Especially planned towns/cities.
One of the Greek philosophers (I can't remember which) said a
community had grown too large when a watchman on the walls couldn't
hear shouts for help from the middle of the town. IIRC, there's only
one place that has walls and still does the curfew-bell-and-lock-the-
town-gates routine, a villiage in Catalonia, still worried about slave
raids from North Africa. My Old Home Town was planned, but back in
the 1600s, so it's had time to mature...
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It's worse than that. A lot of CCTV video isn't of a quality that can support a sucessful prosecution in the UK, so there's a loss of privacy for little benefit. I believe some of the town centre CCTV in the north-east has two-way audio, so you can find yourself being lectured to by a lamppost. Even private security CCTV now can have audio recording, the main benefit appears to have been to enable ITV to broadcast the screams of one of the victims of our recent lunatic gunman rampage (who survived) although they claim to have cut the most disturbing bits (presumably these were those of the two others nearby who didn't live)
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