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This sounds like one of the old British-made Dinky Toys or Corgi ones from the early-mid 1950s or perhaps early 1960s. Check websites for catalogue items on that.

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Try this address: Buffalo Road Imports Ph (716) 759-7451

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This is a hobby store of sorts, they sell primarily collectable construction equipment and Dinky armor, as well as Elastolin fiogures and some (not many) models. If they don't have it, they may be able to get it. No connection with them, just get my Elastolins there.

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The Old Timer

It may also have been a Matchbox Yesteryear Fowler Showman's Engine. You are bound to find a picture with a quick search.


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Jo Martin

Yes I think that may have been the one! I see there is also a matchbox horse-drawn fire engine that I used to have as well.

The traction engine is a different colour, don't know if they ever did it in green but quite possibly mine had been repainted.

Thanks for your help (and to everyone else who responded).


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You may also like to check out South Eastern Finecast who make some superb metal kits of various steam vehicles. Not for the beginner but, I would guess, very challenging and satisfying model-making. Web site at:

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