Re: Which 1:48 T-6 do you prefer?

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I'm torn between the R/M and the Occidental. Is the Occidental really worth > the price difference? > > I'm not really picky as to which version I build (D vs. G vs. SNJ, etc). > > -- > Wojo > > This is not a signature. Never was. > >

I tend to prefer the old R-M kit. In this case, the recessed panel lines and surface details in the Occidental kit add nothing to the finished model. Ever look at the surface of a T-6? Smooth it ain't.


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Milton Bell
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Granted, but if you want a Harvard, you have to use the Occidental/Modelcraft boxing. Revellogram do only the T-6 variant.

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Jeff C

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Yes, you're right. But I don't know if there are a lot of differences with the RM (I hven't it). I think no, but I don't know it myself.

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