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I recieved a subscription offer in the mail for Aviation History Magazine. I am not familiar at all with this publication. Is it worth the $19.95 a year? They are throwing in a special 1945 commemorative issue..... Thanks (:>

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Count DeMoney
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I pick up the occasional copy when there are articles of special interest so I have a number of them. I is inspired by historical aviation art so a number of ads selling aviation paintings.

Most of the articles are centred on a recently released painting.

I just got March 2006. Contents:

Cover: Robert Taylor painting"After the Battle" (Spit IXs of 611 Sqn).

Story on B-26 "Flak Bait". Wm Phillips painting"the Bait Bites Back".

Aerial Oddities: French Hurel Dubois H.D. 31 Transport.

Biggin Hill's 1,000 Victory. 7 page article incl. photos. Spit IXs. Good discussion of Spits vs. FW 190s. Keith Woodcock painting of 611 Sqn Spit IXs "Endless Skies".

Build article on Tamiya 1/48 FW-190 A-3.

8 Page Article on Ulrich Neckel, WW-I German fighter pilot. Photos plus painting of Fokker Dr.1s.

Article (personal reminiscences) on B-17 raid on Magdeburg 12 Sep '44. Photos B-17s & crew members, painting Philip West "On the Prowl" (FW-190s). One page comparison of B-17 & B-24.

Golden Age Daredevil (Arthur Goebel Jr.

Restoration - B-17G.

Book, Art & Game Reviews.

I think that it is very much worth the price.

It's available on a lot of the better news-stands if you want to check it out.

Incidentally, the paintings will be a useful source of ideas and colour schemes. Not just the featured ones, but the illustrations in the ads. These artists are pretty meticulous in their research.



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Doc Hopper

It's definitely worth the $20 a year to me. As one poster has already stated, it's not heavy duty PhD inspired history and is readable by the ave- rage citizen. Also, it's well researched, not just some Wikipedia bashed together sort of thing as some history mags became in the late eighties. It's far less expensive when compared to Smith- sonian Air and Space as well.

I like it myself. I'd suggest hitting a news stand and picking up a copy or two and deciding if it's worth your while. Surf one or two copies and if you like it then it's worth it.

Hope this helps!


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Drew Hill

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