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I have trouble getting any subscriptions through the mail in Huntsville, AL. I buy all my mags off the shelf. Costs more, but, at least I get them. Jerry 47
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jerry 47
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Has anybody in this group had problems receiving magazines thru a
subscription to Scale Aviation Modeller International? I subscribed for
$76.00 in December and my first issue was to be the February issue. When
that did not show up during this month, I emailed the England office (after
calling the US office in California) & was told my magazine should arrive by
the end of the third week of the publication month. Here it is the 4th week
of the month and no magazine yet. I don't know if the post office has
screwed up somewhere along the way or what has happened. Any body else had
this problem with receiving SAMI using a subscription?
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Doesn't sound like anything new...every mag I ever subscribed too always came up to a month after it was on the newstand,and I never got one from overseas. I only buy from the newsstands now. But dont get me started on the fact that SAM,SAMI and every other mag from England is always 3 months or more behind.I just found the December 03 issues...
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My copy has always arrived on time but then I pay the Airmail subscription cost. When I first subscribed it took a couple of issues for the English side to get it right but Wise Owl in CA. kept on them and I have not had anymore problems with SAMI. Hub
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Hub & Diane Plott
I picked up the SAMI Jan 04 issue at Barnes and Nobels today. Jerry 47
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jerry 47

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