Did anyone here ever get his hands on Trumpeter's 1/48 Sukhoi Su-27UB? Cause I'm wondering if I just got a lousy specimen or if Trumpeter's design team was drunk at the time they made this monstrosity. Small list:

the building instructuions mention something about a PE fret for air-intake rosters. No fret.

The kit comes with excellent rubber tires for the landing gear. Well, that's what the instructions say that is. Unless the way rubber tires look has changed drastically since I last saw one, they're not in the box

The decal sheet is deplorable. Small decals, some look hand-painted. The sheet's smaller than even a small sized sheet of a 1/72nd kit

I heard great things about Trumpeter kits with regard to fit. I couldn't even get the fuselage halves to come together without leaving gaps of upto well over a millimeter wide. Not to mention the part where the tailboom of the lower fuselage half is about 2 millimeters longer than the boom on the upper half.

Warped plastic in lots of parts, poor fit on other parts as well

I'll stop ranting now. I bought this kit cause a] I heard excellent things about Trumpeter kit fits and b] I wanted to do a 1/48 model c] this box was on sale (now I know why). Anyway, I dumped the box back at the bottom of my stash and opened up a Antonov-74 kit by some Ukrainian company I never heard of. Looks good, lots of stuff that can be opened (doors, cargo hatch, engine nacelles), this one comes with two decal sheets with markings, not to mention rubber tires. Too bad I forgot to look at the painting instructions before I left the shop, gonna have to wait till next week now before I can get started...

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That kit was from Trumpeters early days when they were knocking off other manufacturers kits. The SU-27 is a knock off of the Academy kit so the instructions were probably lifted as well. So if you got the Academy original you would have gotten p/e and rubber tires. Cheers, Max Bryant

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