Way cool "What If" build on eBay

Revell-ogram's 1/72 B-36 done in olive drab/grey
as if WWII ETO. With Jimmy Stewart's a/c's
markings. Way cool! Much better job than my
SIOP over gloss black for the Vietnam War.
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My only criticism would be that it wouldn't have
the outboard jets in '46, yet. Otherwise, excellent
build dudes!!!! Love the look of the flashbombs
painted dark green. I used plastruct I-beams and
made racks for Mk.117 750#'ers and loaded up
my SEA B-36.
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Interesting. In addition to scratching the turbojets, I would suggest the XB-36's flush cockpit glass, similar to the B-29. But that is a seriously cool concept.
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That and the fact that the earliest B-36s had those monster wheeled landing gear.... But this model has serious potential for a good Luft '46 project.
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The Old Man
That is pretty cool, tho I don't know it's worth his price. IIRC, only the prototype B-36 had the huge single wheels.
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