Williams Bros 1/53 scale Electra

Just a question purely out of interest. Why did Williams Bros choose this unusual scale? Cheers Steve

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Because a model of that size fit their molding machinery and their standard boxes...so, essentially, it's what we old-timers from the early days of plastic kits knew as "box-scale".

A friend of mine once asked them this very question and they told him they didn't realize that so many modelers who would otherwise have bought an Electra in a standard scale would refuse to buy it in this odd scale because it doesn't fit into their collections.

Jim Whitley Programs Manager

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Jim Whitley

Yeah, but would a 1/48 (or maybe even a 1/32?) Electra be any bigger than a 1/72 C-46?

Jim Whitley wrote:

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Maybe they were out of C-46 boxes. :-)

Personally, I wish they had done it in 1/32nd scale. Also wish they had done my three favorite Thompson trophy racers, Benny Howard's "Mr. Mulligan", Rudy Kling's "Folkert's Special", and Roscoe Turner's "Laird-Turner Special". Also wish they'd gotten the Sirius out before closing up shop.

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Jim Whitley


I heard on Hyperscale that the real reason was sabotage - their mold-maker was angry at them for some reason, and intentionally made the mold in an off scale to get revenge at the owners.

Tom Test

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That sounds like something that would've been solved by a lawsuit - or maybe a Theft of Services criminal complaint - well before issuing any kit. Even stupid juries realize that when you contract for 48 and get 53, something's amiss.


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Kurt Laughlin

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