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I am running SW2005, SP3.0, and am working with a BOM where I have added in some items. Is it possible to make it so that I can have the BOM item number linked to the baloon where the item is used?

For example, for simplicity I used a single part for an outlet box, and I need to call out the 2 parts that make up the outlet box. To make the BOM contain the information I added in a line and input the information. Using a stacked baloon I can force it to contain the item numbers that I need. What I need to do is to find an automated way of changing the balloon number if the item that I inserted manually into the BOM is moved.

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I'd try to use a 'dummy' part.

As in - stick in a part that has no physical geometry, and use the regular custom property stuff to enter the info.

The trick will be selecting the part for the stacked balloon, but I THINK this can be done by selection of the part from the feature manager.

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