Dimension lines in odd places or not displaying at all

I am new to SolidWorks - I've had a few classes that used it and recently
purchased a professional copy of it.
I have a project I am working on that is almost done, but I keep running
into a problem on a couple of the drawings. The parts are all revolved
boss/bases and the sketches were copy/pasted from AutoCAD drawings.
Most of the diameter dimensions are fine, but a few of them are not
displaying in similar fashion.
Problem #1:
They display with a line between the arrows even though I have the arrows
displaying outside the extension lines.
Problem #2:
The arrowhead opposite the dimension will not display the dimension line at
all. If I move the dimension to the other side of the view, the missing
dimension lines switches sides.
Screen shots are at:
formatting link

Are there solutions to these problems?
Thank you,
Mamie K. Anding
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Mamie K. Anding
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Something to try to see if it has any effect. Change your third arrow dimension to .5. This should have the effect of making the leader line longer. Changing the second dimension looks like it should do that, but there is an error on that box in SW2004 in that the second dimension actually controls the length of the arrow, not the leader as indicated by the graphic.
As far as some of the dimensions having the line across the middle, click on the green dot on the arrowhead - it should switch it back and forth. Also check to make sure you don't have the dimension set to Smart.
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Wayne Tiffany

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