DS SolidWorks Extends Support for SolidWorks 3D CAD Software

Business-Critical Solutions are Now Free to any Subscriber for an
Additional Year
CONCORD, Mass., USA, May 11, 2009 =96 While many companies are reducing
service levels, Dassault Syst=E8mes SolidWorks Corp. (DS SolidWorks) is
now extending support for SolidWorks=AE 3D CAD software versions by a
full year.
This means that DS SolidWorks will directly address and remedy any
Subscription Services member=92s confirmed business-critical issue with
SolidWorks 2008 through the announcement of SolidWorks 2010 in
September =96 in fact, all the way to December 2009. Until now,
SolidWorks ended these remedies three months after the introduction of
a new SolidWorks version. With today=92s announcement, subscribers are
eligible for 15 months of updates.
Click here for more details:
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ks.com/sw/ news/167_
6591_ENU_ HTML.htm
Deepak Gupta
SW2007 SP5.0
SW2009 SP3.0
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OK, so that means if someone comes up with a 'business critical issue' with the software, they will release a SP or patch for the older versions?
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Quoting the above web page:-
Technical benefits
* Automatic upgrades to new versions; Upgrades do not affect my ability to complete the job. * Access to premium information on the SolidWorks Customer Portal
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For instance? * Downloads of service packs; I will never do that again. In future I will pay only for SP on DVD. * Access to an extensive support knowledge base; and The KB contains only commonly asked questions. My questions are uncommon. * Real-time, hands-on help from trained technicians using a remote log-in. Those of us who completed Computer Security 101 don't connect our workstations to the internet.
Business Benefits
A wealth of technical expertise and mentoring from the SolidWorks community; You mean I am paying SW Corp. for my peers to help me? * Direct, local reseller support; They support SW Corp. by taking my money, but that's all. * Free certification testing and efficiency reporting; No help to me. * Predictable costs, flexible purchase options, and discounts; and Discounts! where?? * Assurance that engineers stay current and productive. How can we be productive without a User Manual?
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Well they could.. 2009 has worked a hell of alot better for me than 2008.. and 2008 was a godsend vs 2007.. Just my opinion tho..
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For instance?
There's alot of information there, especially now that alot of the presentations that were at SWW09 are up there..
You shouldn't have to pay for the current DVD.. Just ask your VAR (well, as long as you are on subscription) They should send it to ya no problem..
Don't use it much, so couldn't tell ya..
nah, thats not CS 101.. thats more anal than anything.. to each his own I guess..
no, your paying for service packs, and technical support from your VAR.. If you don't want service packs or tech support, don't pay the maintenance. And by the SW community, they mean the forums, the user groups, etc..
Then don't pay..
SW help, the Whats New pdf and the tutorials worked great for me.. Lombard's bible was pretty good.. I haven't had the need to get into API or advanced surfacing yet, so no need for some of the other books out there. And I always browse the blogs and forums for tips and tricks.
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