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OK this may sound too simple to understand but I have created a drawing
template and because the linked text (while I was in edit sheet format
mode) was overrunning into the next "block" and I couldn't see the
text... so I right-clicked on the text that was blocking it, selected
HIDE, and *poof* it dissapeared. Now I want it back. I can't seem to
figure out how to "unhide" it. I tried the hide/unhide annotation from
the view menu, nothing. Other than that I can't seem to find any other
way to attempt viewing or selecting the hidden text. Is this a
solidworks glitch, or am I just blind?
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Well after I contacted my vendor, I found out that this is a solidworks "bug" and is slated to be fixed with the updated version.... Dang.... thought I was losing my mind!
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